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1969 - It is got down to construction sector with the production of white and coloured mosaic.
1977 - The forty crusher facility has been moved to Gündüzler Town where we also make production today.
1980 - The first Steyr van was purchased.
1981 - The first John Deere tractor dipper was purchased.
1985 - Facility of crusher that contains sixty parts has been founded and production is increased. 1988 - The first micronised facility has been founded and the micronised dust production has been started.
1988 - Plaster fill material production has been started.
1989 - White-coloured granule production has been started 1989 - The first coloured granule sale has happened.
1990 - We have been the leader of production of mineral
1990 - In accordance with increasing demand production volume has been increased.
1990 - It is supplied for Turkish Companies to develop especially Russia and Baltic countries.
1998 - The first export to Bulgaria came true.
1998 - Construction chemicals production has been started.
2000 - We rank among important suppliers of granite tile industry by product range.
2003 - Broken glass and mirrors to produce per
2007 - We started out to be a national brand in our sector with our Allesco construction chemicals corporate identity
2009 - We have been turned to our 40th in the sector.

Happy 40th birthdays with our dear customers,suppliers and workers..