1969 - The first step into construction sector was taken with the production of White and Colored Mosaic.
1988 - First micronized facility was established and the production of micronized powder was initiated.
1988 - Production of the Plaster and Construction Chemicals backfilling materials was initiated.
1989 - Production of the white-colored granules was initiated.
1989 - First colored granule were sold.
1990 - We pioneered the manufacture of mineral plaster stone in Turkey and put an end to the Italian domination over the sector.
1990 - Production increased due to rising demand.
1990 - Turkish companies expanded to particularly Russia and Baltic countries.
1998 - First export was destined for Bulgaria.
1998 - Production of Construction Chemicals was initiated.
2000 - The company became one of the most important suppliers of granite tile industry.
2009 - We celebrated our 40th year in thesector.
2010 - Targets set for a national brand in the field of Construction Chemicals
2013 - A new factory set up decision was taken to be built in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone.
2016 - Our new, fully automated factory with a capacity of 60 tons/hour was opened.
2019 - We celebrate our 50th year in thesector.