• To meet customer demands and expectations without compromising on quality with the philosophy of ``customer defines the quality.``
  • To continuously improve the efficiency and efficacy of our quality management system
  • To adapt quality awareness from senior management to the inferior employees for the success of total quality management
  • To collaborate with our suppliers and customers to make them a part of our quality system
  • To ensure the participation of all our employees in quality improvement activities and to evaluate their suggestions.


 The rapid development of technology , the increasing competition and conscious consumers day by day compel companies to make a difference and offer quality in the most affordable way.
We are well aware that all this is only possible through research and development (R&D) activities and that R&D activities shape the future of a company.

In this context, our aim is to carry out our R&D activities both in our own laboratory and in cooperation with universities; to find new products and to bring new perspectives to the existing products.



As an organization that sustains our production which we started with the principle of ``natural is beautiful``  in line with the sense of obligation that attaches importance to quality and people, is aware of its social duties  and is aware of environmental responsibility;

  • To be a pioneer company for the environmental activities in our sector.
  • To adopt the philosophy of “Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection First`` in every work we do.
  • Protecting the environment in all areas where we operate with the principle of “Nature is generous only to those who understand its language”.
  • To adopt recycling and use recyclable packaging, raw materials and semi-finished goods.
  • To use all kinds of energy resources and natural resources in the most efficient and economical way.
  • To respect fundamental human rights under the laws of work life.
  • Making plans to prevent health, safety and environmental risks that may occur within the scope of our activities and fulfilling our legal responsibilities regarding those, constitute the basis of our environmental and worker health and safety policy.